The Cap Cervical cage is a device designed for anterior cervical interbody fusion. It is indicated for the treatment of degenerative disc diseases and instabilities in the C3 to C7 region.

The device is available in a variety of widths, lengths, heights, designed  to match the patient’s anatomy and help restore spinal balance.




  • The device is available in numerous heights and configurations to accommodate varying anatomical structures and allow optimal patient matching
  • Its anatomical design aims at maintaining intervertebral disc height and restoring cervical lordosis
  • The Cap cervical cage features titanium anchoring spikes and bone-hugging serrations to prevent the risk of cage migration and offer an optimal bone contact
  • The implant design provides generous bone graft area to create favorable conditions for bone fusion
  • Radio opaque X-ray markers help for cage visualization
  • Intuitive instrumentation has been designed to streamline the procedure
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