The Cap Cervical range is composed of standard and small cages to accommodate the patient’s anatomy in the treatment of various disc disease pathologies.


The device is available in a variety of widths, lengths, heights, designed  to match the patient’s anatomy and help restore spinal balance.


The design of the Cap cervical allows a maximum contact area between the implant and clean endplates. It features serrations on the superior and inferior surfaces to ensure primary and long-term stability. Titanium spikes, combined with the retentive serrations of the cage help prevent migration of the implant.

Accueil Flexis



Material: Peek Optima LT1

Approach: Anterior

Fusion: Yes

Sterile: Yes



Providing distraction during bone fusion between two adjacent vertebrae in order to restore disc height and obtain fusion. Relieving pain and disability



- Radiculopathy refractory to non-operative treatment conducted during at least six weeks, and/or myelopathy (neck pain, arm pain, and/or a functional neurological deficit in a specific nerve root situated between C3 and C7 vertebrae),

- with at least one of the following conditions confirmed by imaging (CT, MRI, or X-rays):

▪ Herniated nucleus pulposus,

▪ Degenerative disc.