The Cap Lumbar system encompasses a variety of lumbar cages designed for posterior / postero-lateral interbody fusion. It is indicated for the treatment of degenerative disc diseases and instabilities at any level between L2 and S1.

The devices are available in a variety of widths, lengths, heights, and lordotic angles designed to fit the patient's anatomy and help restore spinal balance.




  • The devices are available in numerous widths, lengths, heights to accommodate varying anatomical structures and allow optimal patient matching
  • Straight and lordotic implants offer 0,4,8° angulation options to restore the sagittal balance at any level of the lumbar region
  • Its biconvex anatomical shape combined with its bone-hugging serrated surfaces ensures high primary stability, prevents implant migration and allows optimum fusion conditions
  • The design of the Cap lumbar cage features a rounded bullet shaped nose that facilitates the insertion of the implant into the disc space
  • Generous bone graft area provides optimum contact between superior/inferior endplates; therefore creating favorable conditions for bone fusion
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