The Morpho cervical plate system is designed for anterior interbody screw fixation of the cervical spine.

Made from titanium alloy (TA6V), this system offers a low-profile anterior cervical plate along with a selection of bone screws, intended to provide a post-operative (temporary) stability during the development of a cervical spinal fusion.





  • The plates are pre-contoured (8°) to address patient anatomy. If required, the plate may be contoured to increase or decrease the amount of lordotic curvature by using a plate bender
  • Low Profile Plate (1,6mm) designed to minimize tissue disruption and post-operational discomfort
  • The device includes variable angle screws of Ø4mm to accomodate desired screw positioning and fixed angle screws of Ø4,5mm if a rigid construct is desired or in situations when bone purchase has been lost with a 4mm screw
  • One-step integrated locking mechanism provides visual and tactile confirmation of screw blockage
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