SupStance - VBR

The SupStance VBR cage is an implant intended to replace a vertebral body during spinal fusion. It is indicated to replace a collapse, damaged or unstable vertebral body in the treatment of tumor or trauma pathologies.


The SupStance Small is indicated to be used in the cervical spine while the SupStance Large is indicated to be used in the thoraco-lumbar spine (T1-L5). 




Intro Supstance



  • The SupStance Small cages are made from Peek Optima LT1 with 6% Barium Sulfate that enhances X-ray visibility and allows implant positioning check
  • Large bone graft area and lateral openings on both end caps allow for the introduction of allograft and/or autograft to create favourable conditions for bone fusion
  • The end caps have evenly spaced round serrations allowing fixation of the implant onto the vertebral endplates, thus preventing rotation and migration of the device which could lead to iatrogenic deformation or over distraction
  • There are grooves on both end caps to cooperate with the tip of a specific distracting instrument which enables distraction and fit at once in situ
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